Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go brings all the trainers to your yard.

Including me. Because I’m a die hard pokemon fan who played almost all the games (including games like Mystery Dungeons or Pokemon Link Battle ) so of course I had to move. Even if my neighborhood is full of Rattatas.


“Remember my super cool Rattata? My Rattata is different from regular Rattata. It’s like my Rattata is in the top percentage of rattatas.”


Big cities have their own wonders though, with Lures at every pokestop and rare pokemons here and there. But in the countryside, you’ll only find Rattatas, Pidgeys and Weedles. It’s a bit disappointing (okay I say so but I made 60km including almost 10 on my bike to hatch eggs, I MISS ROAD 210 IN SINNOH OKAY).

But it made me move my butt to capture pokemons, for longer than expected. Before Pokemon Go, any distance where I had to walk was a pain in my butt. Now, I can’t wait to hatch my eggs. I even went 3km in the wild at night, crossing rivers, getting wet and all for a Pikachu… Who never popped. I still haven’t had a single Pika. Also Evees love to avoid me. They pop on my radar but wherever I go, they just disappear or get out of reach. I WILL HAVE A TOP PERCENTAGE JOLTEON, EVEE, YOU CAN’T STOP ME !!


At least if you listen to the medias. Of course people are being stupid, careless, reckless and the app is driving people nuts. But you call it dangerous, I call it natural selection. If you need a reminder not to drive while hunting, not having your eyes on your phone while driving something who could kill you or anyone else, I wonder how you got your licence in the first place.

Still, big thumb up to journalist who manage to make squibs against an app who:

  • Makes people go outside, walk, run, ride their bikes
  • Make people talk to each other in a society where talking to a stranger can be seen as an agression
  • Lifts up the mood of many people in dark times where there’s no day without death, attacks and sad news
  • Make people ultimately play together, despite age difference

So, team valor or team mystic ?

Sorry to disappoint you then but…

Team Instinct Pokémon Go
Team Instinct baby !!