7 thoughts on “doc_s_adventure__welcome_nokk_by_dulcamarra_dd6yvji-pre

  1. Daniel kang(english name) says:

    Hey dulca i am korean i think you need to change the dokkebi’ s word to ‘ 아 깜짝이야’. Because if you say “뭐야씨발’ in korea, koreans will punch you. That word is like ‘mother f**ker’ in korean

  2. can you please do one with warden. or one with ash and mira arguing. if you didn’t know, mira don’t like ash. its in her bio. or even better, make one about bandits elite skin.btw I love your art. I come here evey day to see if you post something new.

  3. NoccB1t says:

    the name “Nøkk/nøkken/ in Norwegian is a monster that will drag you under water and drown you. soooo watch nøkk closely when your in the water.

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