Dishonored Fanarts

Because these games are older than most and yet are unparalleled when it comes to level design, storytelling, and characters. I’m also a Teague Martin apologist and enthusiast so there are a lot of him, wearing that magnificent red jacket he never got to wear in game ♥

Old Man Yells at cloud

High oversleeper Martin

Corvo going to the Outsider's psychiatric help desk in the void, in the Peanut comics style. "Psychiatric help, 5 runes". A whale with a little nurse hat is assisting. Corvo says "Corvo: So apparently the 'bad vibes' I’ve been feeling are actually severe psychological distress".

Corvo puts cats ears on the Outsider's head and screams while holding him close
Self Care

The Famous Tyvian chokehold

wind powered clockwork soldier with a fancy hat with a turbine on it
Hi, Jindosh is my fav and I’m trying to make it up for the lack of Daud in Dh2. We were talking about how cruel the non-lethal option is on a Discord and it went to shitpost quite quickly

Kirin Jindosh asks for the mark of the Outsider to the Outsider so he can power his own clockwork soldiers with wind blast
Jindosh has an idea but he needs the Outsider…

Redraw of the office screenshot saying "0 days since our last nonsense" but with Teague Martin and Thaddeus Campbell and heretics in the background dancing in the courtyard
“Just imagine how it might have been if we’d been at all competent”. There’s a lot to unpack here but that’s my favourite Martin to date

Pirate of the carribbeans "you are the worst pirate I've ever heard of" but with Dishonhored
I couldn’t pick between the two versions and I needed an excuse to draw Martin twice

Overseer Teague Martin being Holt from Brooklyn 99 in his BOOOOONE skit
Imagine if Overseer Martin ♥ had been any good at his job, part 2

Hiram Burrows and Arnold Timsh flexing their money on Snapchat
Another French Dishonored meme that will make 2 people laugh but I made a whole ass Snapchat Geofilter for Dunwall so please like it, thanks

The Loyalists from Dishonored play the Monopoly
High chaos who ? This is the real reason the loyalist conspiracy went south.

Dishonored meets Brooklyn-99
Dishonored shitpost, inspired by the best show ever, Brooklyn-99 !

Thomas the Whaler leaving an audio message for Daud
Another post inspired by the Dishonored incorrect quotes tumblr account !

Dishonored: Samuel Beechworth tries to explain how there are three main ways to resolve a conflict
I did it! I drew Dishonored, after 10 long years. Inspired by the infamous incorrect-dishonored-quotes on tumblr, my favourite Dishonored blog.