R6S WhatsApp/Telegram Stickers phase 2

To download them, go to this page: and click on “add to whatsapp” or “add to telegram“, depending on which OS you are running (iOS or Android) and which app you want to use them on. You may have to press “add to whatsapp” twice because of the ads, but the stickers are entirely free !

Those stickers are uploaded through an app called “WSTicK” on iOS and “Stickers Cloud & Sticker Makeron Android. You will need the app to install them on your WhatsApp but the whole process is free. Only annoyance is the ads when you open the app that one time to install the stickers.

If you want more themed stickers, check my Stickers Cloud page for more Destiny, RDR2, and IT movie stickers !

These stickers are entirely free but feel free to tip me if you use them ! Much appreciated ♥