Hackathon !

Friday 11th was a brand new experience for 6 Numericall students, including myself. We met people from PWC, a company that makes analysis and reports about any given subjects, for companies as well as European commissions or even cities. But PWC has a major problem nowadays…

Switching to digital

The times are changing. Papers aren’t as sold nor read as they used to be. Everyone is on his/her smartphone and everyone wants a quick access to the information they need. That’s why articles tend to be shorters nowadays and why a 200 pages report without any color or image can be appealling, even if you are the one who ordered the report.

That’s why PWC came to us with a problem, waiting for the brand new developpers to find solutions with their new way of thinking.

If at first I was a bit panicked about the whole thing and what they expected from us, in the end, I found digital solutions popping in my mind as they were explaining their problems.

Too much text? Switch to infographics. What would I do with too much text ? Hide it, and display it on demand with a quick AJAX request triggered with a click. No more flooding, and the user can pick whatever piece of information he needs.

With a database and PHP, a customized report can even be made with FPDF. Every problem can find a solution, especially when they give you so many things to trigger your creativity…

our crowded desks with balls, stress relievers, play-doh, legos...
Our work room with everything that was needed to boost our creativity… Worked very well on me !


In the end, it was a good way to introduce us to the real challenge of a growing entreprise on the digital market. And I kept the stress reliever !

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