Sempai noticed me again, weee !

Bungie posted another one of my creation to their community pages on social networks !

After my comics on Cayde and Eris Morn (probably my most popular and most featueed comics to this day, even retweeted by Cayde’s voice actor, Nathan Fillion WOOOOOOOT) it’s the Titan I made for my friend who made it to their front page!

Screenshot of my titan on Bungie's page
My friend’s titan which I made during a Twitch Stream is on Bungie’s social pages !



And also on their instagram and their twitter!

Of course it became a pretext to spit on titans, defend titans, spit on Bungie for nerfing Hammer of Sol (thank you Bungie for this), for nerfing everything, for blaming Bungie for approximately every update, and so on and so on.

But still ! I’m happy 🙂

It seems that my most popular comics on won’t be featured since I use my art to complain about the Crucible, but this is a reward nontheless from Bungie sempai :}


What would a geek life be…

Without a cat sitting/leaning on your keyboard, activating unkown shortcuts, shutting off your computer…

Cat leaning on keyboard
My cat Taël leaning on my keyboard

He even found a way to shut down Photoshop without PS asking me if I wanted to save or not.

Taël on my hand
Iz my hand nao. U don’t need it anymore

Do I need to precise how often he likes to sit in front of my screen when I’m working or playing ? No ? Good.


Since I saw Star Wars the Force Awakens…

It seems like my love for Kylo Ren got me many Star Wars themed presents for my birthday and…

Raise your hand if you think this is getting out of hand ?

Kylo Ren and friends
Too many Kylos ? NONSENSE. There’s never enough Kylo.

Okay, okay. But I haven’t even bought Kit Fisto yet…

Kylo Ren and General Hux
Don’t worry Ren, you’ll have your rival at the good size in April I swear.

I can’t wait to have Hux in the Black Series collection !!


Hackathon !

Friday 11th was a brand new experience for 6 Numericall students, including myself. We met people from PWC, a company that makes analysis and reports about any given subjects, for companies as well as European commissions or even cities. But PWC has a major problem nowadays…

Switching to digital

The times are changing. Papers aren’t as sold nor read as they used to be. Everyone is on his/her smartphone and everyone wants a quick access to the information they need. That’s why articles tend to be shorters nowadays and why a 200 pages report without any color or image can be appealling, even if you are the one who ordered the report.

That’s why PWC came to us with a problem, waiting for the brand new developpers to find solutions with their new way of thinking.

If at first I was a bit panicked about the whole thing and what they expected from us, in the end, I found digital solutions popping in my mind as they were explaining their problems.

Too much text? Switch to infographics. What would I do with too much text ? Hide it, and display it on demand with a quick AJAX request triggered with a click. No more flooding, and the user can pick whatever piece of information he needs.

With a database and PHP, a customized report can even be made with FPDF. Every problem can find a solution, especially when they give you so many things to trigger your creativity…

our crowded desks with balls, stress relievers, play-doh, legos...
Our work room with everything that was needed to boost our creativity… Worked very well on me !


In the end, it was a good way to introduce us to the real challenge of a growing entreprise on the digital market. And I kept the stress reliever !


JavaScript for Padawans

Either you’re a skilled developer, a noob or a jedi in training like me, you’ve seen a lot of JavaScript in your Internet life. Your Twitter/Facebook feed loading new messages without refreshing the page ? It’s AJAX, Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml. The random windows opening because you haven’t filled a field in a form ? Also JavaScript. A smooth scroll on a page triggered by a click ? Hello, JavaScript again.

JavaScript is the wizard of the internet, first only on browsers, now also on apps and servers. You want to learn some magic tricks to manipulate HTML elements, you want to see how it works without anything but your keyboard?

If you have basic HTML and CSS knowledge, it’s possible to learn more thanks to a few website that will provide support, exercises and lessons to learn everything about JavaScript in a web browser or programming logic in general. Let’s see what we have here.

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