Doc’s Adventure: Ace and the lemur

Doc's Adventure: Ace and the lemur

This week in Doc’s Adventures, Ace is being bullied (lol) for being an idiot glued to his phone and cannot use his phone as a binkie because it would prove them right. We’ve all been there, babe

5 thoughts on “Doc’s Adventure: Ace and the lemur

  1. YaYeet says:

    Umm…. do you accept requests? Can you do an Ace x Kali one? I saw they have a thing together ❤️ 😂 😎

    Also why does almost every comic of Ace show him getting bullied? Is he ur least fav character or something?

  2. The YTeam says:

    Shoutout to the peeps that were actually nice to Ace in this comic. Fuze, if you wanna frikkin’ bully him like that then u gotta prove it’s true or else Ace wins automatically so ya I bet Ace is better than u Fuze even tho u guys have the same gun ur a frikkin’ 1 speed and he’s a 2 speed it’s not the best but faster than u Fuze i bet his backstory is better than u, at least he has a frikkin’ social media and possibly a girlfriend (Kali) but u Fuze? All u do is bully Ace and kill hostages.


    I gotcha covered, Ace.

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